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Founded in 2014, Inflection Capital is the family office of Curtis Macnguyen.  Curtis was the founder of Ivory Capital, a multi-billion dollar global hedge fund that operated for 20 years (1998 – 2018).  At Inflection, we believe in shared success and are actively building a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors who are passionate and skillful at identifying great investment opportunities that create tremendous value for the community.  We will also work together to support certain local and global causes where we feel we can make a meaningful positive contribution.  We are strong believers in building high-quality, lasting relationships and believe it is these types of relationships that will give rise to great opportunities to not only create wealth but also give back to the community at large.  And lastly, we want everyone involved to enjoy the journey!

Our firm deploys capital leveraging a broad, opportunistic investment program.  Our flexible, long-term capital allows us to lead or co-invest in transactions across asset classes, industries and structures.  Our investment mandate includes:

  • Start-ups and private businesses in all industries, from seed to late stage investment

  • Real estate (all types of RE assets)

  • Publicly traded debt and equity securities

  • Other asset managers

  • Special situations

On the strength of our team and through our extensive network/community, we often provide more than just capital.  We assist our portfolio companies:

  • Optimize their capital structures

  • Recruit high quality board members

  • Strengthen management teams

  • Facilitate introductions to strategic partners and customers

  • Identify and secure additional sources and types of capital

  • Advise in the monetization of assets (IPO, etc.)

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